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Electronic Cigarettes : No more Fire Hazards?

Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit for many reasons. Obviously, there are some serious health risks. Some would even go so far as to say “guarantees”, since lifetime smokers are fairly likely to die from a smoking related illness.

Electronic cigarettes are possibly the best solution to this problem, since they remove the nasty health side effects, and replace them with something that is pretty comparable to the real thing. Many electronic cigarette companies advertise these positive health benefits, but so far, I have seen none of them consider the other health and safety benefits. In terms of fire safety, and fire extinguishers in general, one of the major benefits of smoking an electronic cigarette would be that there is no combustible material involved. Electronic cigarettes consist of three major components, regardless of shape, size or brand:

  1. A battery (often rechargeable) which provides power to the device. In many cases, these batteries are shaped like a traditional cigarette, but there is no hard requirement for this shape: its purely cosmetic. Also, the battery may include an indicator light, which shows that the battery is operational. For cosmetic reasons, this is often a red light, but other colors are possible.
  2. A vaporizer, or atomizer. This small component takes power from the battery and converts it into heat which is used to convert the liquid nicotine into a vapor that can be inhaled by the user. This is usually a disposable component as its usefulness degrades over time.
  3. A reservoir which contains the nicotine liquid. This reservoir can either be a gauze soaked in the liquid, or in some cases, a small tank which holds the liquid in its natural state.
To smoke an electronic cigarette, the user simply activates the battery, either by switch or by automatic activation by a pressure sensor which is triggered by the inhaling action of the user. The atomizer is then activated and causes some of the nicotine liquid to be vaporized, providing nicotine to the user.
While there are many outlets online for selling these devices, they mainly focus on the health benefits, or in some cases, the financial benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes. Since the components are so similar, the main differences come down to price and value. We’ve searched around and found that one of the best value sites to buy electronic cigarettes is Pro Electronic Cigarettes. This site offers even offers a wholesale service, which should help out hotels and bars who want to sell these devices to their customers. Electronic cigarettes really are a safer way to satisfy the nicotine addiction: safer for the individual, safer for those around them, and safer in terms of fire safety.

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